I didn’t do it on purpose, but I had the impulse to redesign this site just about at its four-year anniversary – four years of semi-daily babbling! 😉 I did a little reorganization too, merging the links and writing pages into the about/contact page. So now it’s just the weblog, the weblog archives, and the about/contact page that are hosted on this domain. The food/recipes link jumps to our Food Follies site, and over at the Art of FoxVox is the official gallery for Art Images and Photography.

All in all it felt really good, kinda like when you clean and straighten a room and get to toss out piles of old magazines and such. *grin* And of course, I finally added some new Celtic knotwork to the logo, although I stuck with the green- orange theme, but a bit more ‘bold’ and a little less ‘spring-summer’ than than last design. Onward and upward!

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