Fresh Linguini

It’s many MANY months into the COVID-19 crisis. I just wanted to share one of the ways I’ve kept myself busy – making fresh pasta! We have found that we like the fresh pasta – it’s light and doesn’t feel too heavy in our stomachs, and tastes great too. I made the dough yesterday in our food processor, zippy quick. Then, I wrapped the dough in plastic wrap and set it in the fridge overnight. This morning after breakfast, I broke out the pasta machine and the pasta rack and wa-LAH! Homemade linguini! It’s drying on the rack in the photo below and when it’s fully dry, it’s lunch/dinner time, depending on how long it takes in this weather! ­čśÇ

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Juvenile Coopers Hawk in the Yard

Coopers Hawk, Juvenile, ├é┬ęKristen N. Fox, www.foxvox.orgThis big guy was hanging out in our yard a while back. Apparently it was for a lunch break, as evidenced by the number of remaining feathers strewn about the ground.├é  Still, it was cool to get so close to this hawk – took a while to find out what kind it was – started with my bird book and then proceeded to google. The juveniles look pretty different from the adults. Anyway, haven’t seen him/her since, but we’ll always have this photo – LOL.

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Dahlias – Worth The Wait

We planted these Dahlias a few months ago. The instructions said each needed to be planted at least 20 inches apart and now I know why – they really spread out! Anyway, this is the first blossom and it’s just sitting on our back porch in all its glory – definitely worth the wait! (The wait from time of planting and also the wait for posting here – been a while since the last post!)

Pink Purple Dahlia ├é┬ęKristen N. Fox

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Gromit Tries to Play with Winnie and Willie

Here’s a short video of Gromit trying to figure out how to play with the two little West Highland Terrier Puppies, Winnie and Willie! (I suppose they are “cousins” since the puppies are John’s sister’s – LOL.)

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Gromit – Grown Up But Still Derpy

Yes, long time no post, and it’s mostly just a post with a recent picture of the dog. All grown up, but still derpy!

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