It’s a good thing I really love the Holiday season, because working on holiday designs for my art shop when it’s still August would seem somehow WEIRD to me otherwise. *grin* I’m considering throwing a few Christmas CD’s on the player too, just to encourage the mood a bit. Of course, if the brick and mortar stores are any indication, Christmas falls just after (and sometimes at the same time as) Halloween, right? Isn’t that the Neo-Gregorian calendar?

Speaking of calendars, I’m going to be putting out a calendar of some of my Celtic Designs for 2005 – I’m hoping to make it available within the next month, depending on when CafePress gets calendars online for us shopkeeps, of course. They’re also working on an affiliate program. I’m not sure how it’s going to work, but like any affiliate, when people buy stuff from my shop through your affiliate link, you get a percentage of the profits… somehow. That should ALSO be interesting – so, lots of new things coming up for da shop!

Now… where did I put that tinsel…

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