For a while, I’ve been having an internal struggle about the whole ‘copyright notice’ that I’ve had on most of my pages here. Thing is, I really don’t CARE if someone wants to use one of my images in an art project of their own – just ask – actually I DO care, but only in a “Oh, neat!” way.

My personal criteria is this – if you can tell it’s MY stuff, stick my name/link in a ‘thanks’ area; if you can tell it’s my stuff and you’re selling it – we’ll talk out whatever details to make it work; if you can’t tell it’s mine at all, you can still stick my name in the ‘thanks’ column if you like, but whatever. If it’s mine and you’re saying it’s YOURS, well, get a life. *grin* Mostly – I just like to know – to that end I’ve added my email address on this page in an obtuse sort of long hand that email auto-harvesters won’t be able to understand unless they’ve somehow developed artificial intelligence. Heh.

Of course, not that this has come up at all – most of the images on this site aren’t good enough resolution to really work with anyway, but it’s the principle of the thing. I believe in asking, and credit where it’s due, but the whole formal copyright thing really wasn’t ‘me’ – mutual respect, methinks, that’s the way to go.

Okay – I think I can get on with my life now – LOL.

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