Re: ‘under god’ and the pledge of allegiance…

1. I know the Pledge of Allegiance by rote since having to recite it constantly during my days of public school. I never really knew what I was saying when I was saying it – just did it because that’s what I was supposed to do – just like prayers in church (for me). Do this, say this – all appearance. If your heart’s in something, then by all means, belt it out. If it’s not, there’s no point.

2. Say, “One nation, under GODDESS, indivisible”… sounds rather silly doesn’t it? Really shows the contrast between an overlord kind of patriarchal god and the idea of a goddess within and without. One isn’t better than the other, but it does give a wider perspective about SOME of the different ways people believe. It’s not just calling “god” by a different name, or derivative; it’s a whole different perspective. Equally valid.

3. Some belief systems that are very metaphysical, or even spiritual, do NOT include the idea of a god OR goddess per se, but aren’t atheism OR materialism or the like. For instance, the idea that life is energy, and physical reality is an expression of that infinite creative energy – that we are all connected, etc. The ‘old school’ idea of “god” then seems like a personalization of that energy flow, and the word “god” no longer accurately applies, as it’s not some great ‘being’ ‘out there’ but something within each one of us.

Although it’s caused a ruckus, I think issues like this are great for bringing out hidden beliefs and assumptions. Of course, it often challenges us as well, which can be the sticky part, but I think we can handle it. It would be really cool to see more of these kinds of broadened understandings in the news now. That is all. 🙂

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