New Design: Celtic Coin Series – Celtic Lion

Celtic Lion Coin Jewelry BoxThe fourth design in my “Lost Tokens of the Ancients” Celtic coin series is based on a coin from Italy! Or, the area that today we know as Italy. The Insubres were a Gaulish tribe in Insubria, in what is now Lombardy, Italy and were the founders of Milan.

The design features a fierce lion image and is dated from about the 3rd Century BC. It’s a simple, but classic design to be impressed on a bit of currency so long ago. I thought the arching back of the lion, and the way they hammered out the main design were particularly cool.  Also reminded me of the lions in the Roman Colosseum, naturally.

The Celtic Lion design comes on our big selection of apparel and gift items – all kinds of tees, and things (that’s a new round jewelry box in the image above, by the way)! Click here or on any design below to browse through the entire selection of Celtic Lion products:


Celtic Coin Series - Celtic Lion Coin - Fine Art PrintFine Art Prints of the Celtic Lion design are also available via our gallery at Imagekind, as well as the entire series. Click here to see the Celtic Lion Coin zoom image and options like canvas prints, framed and matted, and more!

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