New Design: Celtic Coin Series – Celtic Wreath Rider

The third design in my “Lost Tokens of the Ancients” Celtic coin series is based on a coin of the Celts of Eastern Europe. It features a warrior with a long crest riding a horse, most likely celebrating a victory. 2nd-1st Century BC. (Kranzreiter is German for Wreath Rider.)

When I first saw this coin, I just loved the artistry in the design – so stylized! Never thought of the ancient Celts of being so funky!

I’ve put the Celtic Wreath Rider Horse design in my shop on t-shirts and buttons and all that crazy stuff. Click here or on any design below to browse through the entire selection of Celtic Wreath Rider Coin tees and gifts – fantastic for historians, coin collectors, celtophiles, and horse lovers:


Celtic Coin Series - Celtic Wreath Rider - Horse - Fine Art PrintFine Art Prints of the Celtic Wreath Rider design are also available in my gallery at Imagekind (as well as the entire series, in case you have a staircase or long hallway that needs decorating with a little ancient history!). Click here to see the coin options like canvas prints, framed and matted, and more!

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