New Celtic Coin Series – Celtic Horse Coin

Ancient Celtic Horse Coin White HoodieI’ve got a new series of Celtic designs to share – my adaptation of ancient, two thousand year old Celtic coins found all over Europe! There are 8 coin designs in the series, and the first one is a very popular theme in Celtic coins – horses. Celts LOVED their horses!

This first design in the series is also the ‘newest’, dated First Century AD (all others are BC), the most realistically portrayed, and is based on a Celtic Horse Coin that was minted in Celtic Britain by the ruler Cunobelin (shortened as ‘CVNO’ on the coin – you can see details better in the fine art print image at the bottom of this post), which means Hound of Belinus, the Celtic Sun God.

This design is available on all kinds of t-shirts, sweatshirts (as above) and lots of other cool products as well, sampled below. Click here or any of the designs below to see the entire Ancient Celtic Horse Coin line…


Fine Art Prints of the Celtic Horse Coin are also available through the gallery at Imagekind! Click here for unframed prints, as well as prints with your choice of frames and mats! (All eight coins are available as coordinating prints, and would make a great series on a large wall, up a staircase, or down a hallway.)

Stay tuned for the next coin post!

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