Refrigerator, Old and New

If the internet has shown us anything, and it hasn’t, it’s that it’s a place to share what you want to share, without regard to how interesting it might be to anyone unfortunate enough to run across it. In that spirit, I give you a photo of the old refrigerator that gave up the ghost, next to a photo of the brand new refrigerator, that is quite spirited. (Hah! Ghost humor!) I know – exciting! Especially when you consider that both of them are the most basic models with no bells and whistles. (How will you ever go back to your normal routine today after seeing this amazingness!?!)

Note the glorious gradation of browns on the old frig, as well as the faux wooden handles and chrome trim – so very, very… er…. vintage! And the new one? White. White is good.

And it’s amazing how much improvement there has been with storage allocation. The new refrigerator is actually a tad smaller than the last one, but there’s so much more space, especially in the door racks – nice!

So… that’s our refrigerator saga. Now? Must go empty a few coolers!

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