Celtic Coin Series – Celtic “Eye” Design

Abstract Celtic Eye Coin Design Light Blue T-shirtThe second design from the Art of FoxVox Celtic Coin Series is an interestingly abstract design that really caught my eye – the Celtic Eye Coin.  (Too early for eye jokes?)

At least that’s really what it looks like to me, an eye. With a wheel ‘pupil’ and different patterns and shapes for eyelids, eyebrows, etc. Since it was created over two thousand years ago, it could also be expressing some kind of a tribal building and agricultural field layout, or even a sort of crop circle. Or spiral landing spots for interdimensional space craft.  Or not. 😉

In any case, this design is from the Gaulic Treviri tribe who lived in SE Belgium in the 2nd or 1st Century BC.

This lucky Celtic Eye is available on all kinds of products, as in the below sample. Click here or any of these products to browse the entire line…


Celtic Coin Series - Celtic Eye Coin - Fine Art PrintFine Art Prints of the Celtic Eye design are also available via our gallery at Imagekind, as well as the entire series. Click here to see the coin options like canvas prints, framed and matted, and more!

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