rattlesnakeGuess what one of our dogs found in the yard the other day? Luckily it was the cautious, loud dog instead of the playful, less-apt-to-bark dog. John was able to hustle them both back inside without incident, while the three of us humans (our friend Tom was visiting) went back out with cameras.

You can see the rattle tucked right behind the head, and yes, it’s blurry because it’s rattling. (Rattlesnakes are notoriously shy about being stared at by a bunch of gawking photographers!) It’s a pretty big snake, about 4 feet long and quite thick. After the photo-pestering we went back inside and let it escape in peace. Haven’t seen it since, luckily!

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4 Responses to Rattlesnake!

  1. Time_Warp says:

    Yikes! I don’t think I want to see one of those up close, cool photo tho.

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  2. Kristen says:

    Hey Paul – thanks! Thankfully I recently got a new camera with a NICE BIG zoom lens – LOL.

  3. rws says:

    now there’s something i’ve never had: en encounter with a rattler. very cool pic, kristen. 🙂

  4. Barbara Burns says:

    EGADS! Glad it was a zoom lens 🙂 And very glad no one got hurt, especially the dogs – I worry aobut mine if she finds one since she is VERY playful.

    I’ve been lucky so far – I haven’t seen any here in Texas though they are here – I’ve seen copperheads (also poisonous) slitehring away thankfully.

    Great photography … though I do not like the subject at all!

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