Low Flying Helicopter

A few moments ago a helicopter flew only a few hundred feet over our house – it was a private helicopter, no official markings, not red and white like the CDF (California Fire Patrol), not marked like a hospital or police helicopter, not black like DEA helicopters (people set up Meth labs way out here on people’s property sometimes), not black and unmarked like we’ve seen sometimes too (not a myth – LOL!). It was white with blue striping, and I’m suspicious that it’s someone who brings people in to hunt and then takes them out again – trouble with that is that, from what I hear, most of the time it’s without the landowners permission or awareness.

They flew in really low the first time, and then, after just a little while, flew out again, much higher. I didn’t know what direction they were coming from, but I did manage to get this silhouette shot; they were flying MUCH faster this time so it was hard to catch:

They were a lot lower the first time – had I been a little quicker getting out the door I would have been able to see the facial expressions on the pilot and passengers I think! Still, at least I got a mildly interesting photo out of it all.

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  1. RGrantham says:

    love the photo great shot!

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