New Gallery & Fine Art Prints

I’ve taken the plunge and created five galleries for my art and photography over at Imagekind, offering framed and unframed prints:

Celtic Art Gallery
General Photography Gallery
Watercolor Gallery
Black and White Photography Gallery
Abstract and Macro Photography Gallery

They have so many frames & mats available, and wonderful paper choices too. Their real-time online framing engine lets you see exactly how your print will look with the specific combination you’ve selected – that alone can be a fun time-waster – LOL!

BTW, just click here if you want to open your own gallery there too. Their basic/free package comes with one gallery with up to 24 images, I believe, so it’s easy to try at first without making any major commitments. Overall, I really just like the feel of the site, it’s, well… classy? I actually still have a prints shop through my Deviant Art Account as well, and although their prints are terrific, the overall prints shop doesn’t seem to promote itself beyond the DA community itself. Also, their Prints Management interface need SERIOUS retooling to be at all usable after you have more than a handful of prints available. They say a new interface is in the works, but it’s been in the works for a while now already.

Anyway, even if you don’t check out my galleries (above), feel free to go check out Imagekind in general. Lots of terrific artists there, including a number of the classic masters as well.

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