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Last weekend I drove up to the offices of for the kickoff meeting for our “CP VOICE” Committee – the fifteen of us were voted in by the shopkeepers as a cross-section representation of the community to give our input in three areas – quality, merchandise, and shop management. It’s a brand new program, and we’re not exactly sure how it’s going to go yet, but it looks to be promising!

The weekend itself was really busy, barely got four hours of sleep each night – not just from the work but from the ‘hanging out’ with all the cool CPers I’ve come to know over the years, and also a bunch of new ones too. The weird part? I bought a windbreaker that arrived in the mail the same day I left for the get together. The catalog billed it as bright yellow, but it ended up being that sort of flourescent green/yellow that can be either or both depending on the light. Well, okay THAT’S not the weird part – the weird part is that the windbreaker matched the accent walls at CafePress exactly! (Bright limish-green is their signature color.) THAT was indeed the weird part – LOL.

Besides all of that I suddenly have a bunch of websites to update, some custom “Tshirt University” designs to make, and a bunch of other stuff on the list. I swear the list wasn’t that long when I left! Maybe someday I’ll even get back to doing some art! Stranger things have happened.

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