UFO Sighting!

I was going through some older digital photos this morning and came across an image of a decrepit old barn that was a bit overexposed. The barn is neat, but the weird part is what’s to the top left of the barn in that circle I added – a genuinely unidentified flying object! It’s pretty much as indistinguishable as most UFO or flying saucer photos you may see on the web, but having taken the photo myself, I certainly know it’s not altered.

I didn’t notice anything at the time I was taking the photo, and there could be many rational explanations of course, but it’s still pretty weird! (There were power lines in the photo that were bleached out by the overexposure, but I looked really closely and they weren’t near this object.)

And here’s a cropped closeup of the unidentified object. Doesn’t it look like a long sleek flying saucer shape might look from the side with a slight bulge in the middle? Doesn’t it also look like just a long blue-grey streak? *grin*

Anyway, that’s today’s fun with photography!

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