Old Friends and Half-Moon Cookies

A few months ago my friends Mitch and Paul were in San Francisco for a vacation and John and I drove up to have lunch with them. We laughed through the entire lunch of course, although we all managed to eat without choking too, which was a good thing. *grin* Anyway, they also brought a dozen half-moon cookies all the way from Upstate New York, for which they deserve our eternal worship and adoration. (They are called ‘black and whites’ in New York City. For those of you who may not be familiar with them, they are a large cake-like cookie frosted with half-vanilla and half-chocolate icing.) Anyway, after the visit I made this goofy watercolor postcard as a thank you note for them and am posting it here (finally – took me long enough!) to also thank them as a matter of public record – heh:

flying half-moon cookie watercolor postcard

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2 Responses to Old Friends and Half-Moon Cookies

  1. rws says:

    They’re called black and whites outside the city, too. I remember peering in at trays of them in the refrigerated display cases (and occasionally buying one — a b&w, not a display case) at a local bakery when I was far too little.

  2. Kristen says:

    Cool! Some of my favorite half-moon cookie memories are when I was really little too. 🙂

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