Celtic Spiral Stepping StoneOkay, this is my latest LATEST design – what I call “Celtic Spiral Stepping Stone” because it reminded me of carved stepping or paving stones that you might see by an Irish fort. This is another one that I’d scanned the hand-drawn image into the computer a while ago and then just remembered I hadn’t finished – that makes it feel like cheating to me, because the drawing part is the harder, more laborious part, where finishing it up on the computer is a bit more like playing in a coloring book – all the lines are already there and thought out for you. So when I just do the coloring part, after forgetting the time spent on the drawing part… well, you see my point. Anyway, spirals, yay! Click here to see a larger version with more details. Click the image to go to my shop and see the design on t-shirts, throw pillows, prints and such. Oh, yes, and buy one – LOL. 😉

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