For a number of years, John, Tom, and I have had a weblog of sorts called ‘Out of Context Quotes’, where we take lines from conversations we’re having (or overhear, but mostly our own) and write them down with no context, because they’re funny or just plain weird. For a number of months the site sort of sat in limbo due to technical difficulties and time constraints for dealing with said technical difficulties.

Now though, we’re happy to announce the grand re-opening of Out of Context Quotes, this time with its own domain:! We’re also putting some of the funnier and more understandable quotes on t-shirts and sweatshirts – 18 different designs so far. So if you want to laugh or scratch your head in a bemused manner, add the latest quotes to your webpage (like in my left column), or expand your wardrobe with a little weirdness or obscurity, please stop by! (Because, as I’m so fond of saying lately, we REALLY needed another domain, didn’t we – LOL.)

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