Leaf-Bare Walnut TreeUp near the barn there’s an old grove of walnut trees. This fall, for some reason, the leaves fell off the trees, but the walnuts never did. The husks around the walnuts are mostly black and rotten now (sure, they’re called ‘black walnut’ trees, but that’s not why – LOL) and look rather odd, especially silhouetted against the sky.

The photo itself looks rather neat on cards and the blank journal in my shop, but then I did a black and white, high contrast version of the photo too, which also looks neat on shirts, etc. Kinda reminds me of the flavor of minimalist Japanese art, loosely. (Click the journal image for more product photos.)

Barn InteriorI also finally got a good photo of the inside of the barn! I didn’t want to try to open the barn (it not being MINE and being held shut with lots of rusty, twisted wire), and I liked the way the sunlight seeped into the dark interior through all the large spaces between the boards. So, I took the photo through a large knothole from outside, and also used the flash to reduce the contrast with the darkness inside and the light seeping in. *grin* (Click here for related shop stuff.)

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