Aluminum Culvert - Abstract PhotoA lot of raw materials seem to accumulate out here, whether it’s spools of barbed wire, wooden replacement fence posts, or even aluminum culverts. The one in the photo to the right is about 4 feet in diameter, and they’ve used them to make temporary roads through the river – the water flows through the culvert and the dirt/stone for the road is packed all around the culvert for strength. I’ve no idea why there are FOUR of them down the road, but then, I’ve never asked either.Anyway, the sun seemed to hit this culvert at just the right angle to make a lot of cool abstract looking lines and shadows.

Although the actual photo is quite an abstract unto itself, I also played with it in a graphics program and came up with another version – a bit more weird but colorful too, with worn looking edges. (Click the greeting card image to the left for more shop stuff, as usual.)

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