Fog on the Hill - B/WI’ve decided that many misty/foggy shots are perfect for black and white photography. And I want to thank the weather for cooperating with me yesterday on that – it’s very hard to ‘stage’ misty landscape shots – LOL!

Fog and Pine Tree - B/WI’ve also got to figure out what kind of photos would look good on what kinds of products in my store. I’m thinking framed prints, greeting cards, maybe a tile box. Of course, that means making a bunch of different sized images (as usual) so I’m weighing the potential work involved with the potential for sale – mostly guesswork at this point. Or maybe what that really means is that I’ll just end up doing whatever the heck I feel like doing – that sounds more likely.

Weathered Bolt on Painted GateA number of years ago I took this same photo (on the left) with my old camera, so I retook the same shot with my new camera. Both the bolt and the painted gate have gotten a little more worn in the intervening years, but it’s still makes for a great photo (and my camera’s “super macro” mode worked like a charm). From what I’ve seen, I don’t think anything ever FULLY falls apart/dissolves around here in the California countryside – things just fade more and more gradually until they disappear altogether into the shadowlands. One day things are just GONE and then you start to forget it was ever there in the first place. That’s just how it works.

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