Countryside with Metal BarnI’m not sure how it happened to come together, but I managed to get a couple of photos of how the countryside around here looks when it’s ideal, in my opinion of course…. the green grass, the interesting cloudy skies, and just enough sun for contrast with the sky and the hills. If it was like that even half the time it wouldn’t be so bad, but the effects of the dry season seem to last about 3/4 of the year – solid, glaring blue sky that never seems to change, dead yellow/beige grass as far as the eye can see, and a dry, withering type heat. But enough of THAT – LOL.

Countryside with CowsBoth the metal barn in the one photo and the miniature-seeming black cows in the other give a nice scale to these landscape shots. (I have a couple other shots that are pretty decent, but you can’t really tell how big everything feels without comparisons.)

In a little while, I might venture down the road to the barn, check if any cows are hanging about there, and see what there is to see. There are a few new calves in the current herd in the pastures around here that look all cute and nobbly-kneed – if they’re around maybe they’ll stand still long enough for me to sneak in a few photos. (I almost wrote ‘shots’ instead of ‘photos’, but it just didn’t sound good in that sentence!)

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