Hooray! I finally got a new digital camera! (My old one is still in great shape, but I’d outgrown its 1.3 MegaPixel resolution a while ago. I must say though, that it was fabulous for its time!) My new one is also a FujiFilm – a FinePix E510, with 5.2 MegaPixel resolution, and it’s much smaller & lighter, and has quite a large LCD screen for its size. I bought it online from NewEgg, along with a 128Mb xD picture card – it was about $30 cheaper than a sale price I found locally, including a rebate offer, and it got here in TWO DAYS, a day earlier than NewEgg’s estimate. A number of people had recommended NewEgg, and I can certainly see why – would definitely buy from them again.

Anyway, I’m starting to learn the ins and outs of my new camera by using the ‘auto’ settings now, but it lets you mess with aperture, speed, and you can even record voice messages to attach to each photo if you want.

So, in short, get ready for more photos in this weblog from now on. Here are two images from the camera’s maiden voyage out into our yard – LOL (clicking these thumbs will take you to that photo’s page in the Art of FoxVox Gallery):

Two AcornsAluminum Ring

This also means that I’ll be able to expand my pretty sparse photography section in my shop, as well as offer regular ol’ photographic prints for sale as well. (Cafepress doesn’t ‘do’ unframed prints yet, so I would be offering them for sale separately from my shop, when I figure out how I want to do that – LOL.)

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