And yes, of COURSE I got a photo of the boar – when I left that day it was still there – everything around here is brown/beige/dark so the contrast is as good as I can really get it without coloring the boar purple *grin* – hope you can make it out:

Now, I stopped my car right by the cage to take the photo. The boar stopped and sniffed a bit. I wondered about trying to set it free myself and tried to see how the doors opened – seems like there was a pulley on the back of the cage. I tentatively opened the car door to see how the boar would react. It suddenly started snorting and sprang TOWARDS me to the edge of the cage and kicked up dirt and, well, all pride aside, I got back into the car rather quickly. Yes, I KNOW it was in a cage, but it was QUITE wild and aggitated and I didn’t want to be anywhere near it once it got free. I COULD see it clearly though… it was about as big as our smaller dog (35-40 pounds – the dog at least). It had a raw, red spot on its snout where it had probably cut itself on the wire around the cage. It also has little red piggy eyes that I doubt could see very much of anything – it being primarily a NOSE animal. The ears on it were huge and the mouth too, but the feet, the hooves were oddly small and delicate. It was covered with bristly black hair. Yes, if you’ve seen the Lion King it looks amazingly like the build of the wart hog (no where near as cuddly looking though) only I couldn’t see any tusks on this one and if they have them they usually stick out QUITE a ways.

When we got back later that day it was gone. Our landlord must have been there, but we don’t know what happened to it yet – landlord wasn’t home when we called.

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