At the side of our little private road, between us and the main road, is a large cage trap. It’s been parked there unused ever since we’ve lived here – it has a way for an animal to push itself in, but no way to get out once it’s in. I was driving in the fog early this morning, getting John to his early shift at work, and ready to come home and take a nap…. but then I noticed a wild boar running in the road, but not running away. It ran to the cage. There was another boar, but this one was trapped in the cage! They both just looked at me and I looked back. Not having any direct experience dealing with wild boar, and not having a clue of how to work the trap, I finished driving the few thousand feet or so to our front door and called our landlord. (He’s probably getting sick of hearing animal stories from us by now!) He said he’d call the rancher who owns the cage and also come by himself later. I’m not sure what’s going to happen, but I hope they don’t decide to shoot the trapped boar but instead just set it free. It’s an adult, but not huge, and it might be a sow – I couldn’t tell if it had tusks or not. And if it’s NOT a sow, well, the males can be a bit more… unpredictable and aggressive, so I hear – have been known to gore hunting dogs in a bad way. To top it off have been two piglets hanging around our side field this morning as well, probably part of the same pack or family – perhaps waiting for the other two? They’re old enough to survive quite well on their own of course. Pigs are usually pretty scarce by dawn so this must, at the very least, be quite the adventure for them all. I hope it turns out well. The people out here in the hills do hunt the wild boar, but (most of them) don’t kill them arbitrarily and when they do they do eat them.

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