tom says, “The only time when loss of freedom enters the equation is when you are attempting to secure, by regulation, law, military, or mandate, an inherently non-secure system.” Oooooh – this is SUCH an excellent quote! I’ll take this a metaphysical step to the left and say that when we feel a need to make things safer its because of the base belief we have that things ARE NOT safe, period. But most don’t consider that a statement of belief, but a statement of the way things inherently are. Of course, you could argue that LIFE is safe or not safe, but it still comes from your beliefs ABOUT life, not any quality of LIFE itself. I admit that it’s sometimes hard to go from a fear-based belief system to one that says you are safe, but its worth the hand-wringing. And when you get there, you’ll feel SO different that you’ll wonder how you could have ever bought into a fear-based belief in the first place. And the new understanding feels every bit as “real” as the fear-based belief, only it comes with a sense of peace and purpose as well.

How was that for a ramble that went everywhere and nowhere all at once? *grin*

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