Rambling rant du jour: I’m not an Atheist in the traditional sense. I do think that the term “god” is a way of thinking and focusing that separates us from “the infinite” or whatever you’d like to call it, and find the use of the term to be antiquated. As a “conscious creator” I believe that the divine is within and is as accessible as we believe it to be – we ARE divine and are playing here in physical reality – still divine, just under a different framework. So I certainly don’t believe in “god” but I certainly believe in life beyond the five senses, spirit, dimensions, powers, choice, etc. And I don’t “pray” in that sense either. I get centered, I see where I am putting my energy and then decide if I can refine my focus, and then follow my impulses. I suppose some would call impulses the “voice of god” – whatever – but the term ‘prayer’ has always rubbed me the wrong way anyway – has always seemed to be too ‘supplecant’ish in the ‘I’m not worthy’ sense in my mind, instead of being a more helpful ‘open to inspiration’ sense. But I certainly DO understand what the atheists in the article are going through to some extent. I feel like that whole arena of government leaders using religion and god and prayer in their communications really doesn’t reflect me at all and is their OWN drama – but I’ve gotten used to this and have come out better for learning to look within instead of for any kind of “spiritual leadership” or what not from ‘out there’. I guess that’s kinda why I have an affinity for pagans, even though I’m not one myself – they seem to find their own way and adopt what works and has meaning for them – particularly without much ‘outside’ societal support. I understand that not ALL people who hold to old religious traditions put the same kind of connotations on the words “god” and “prayer” that I do – maybe that’s why it works for them – LOL Anyway – for a while I thought that if I saw another announcement for a candlelight vigil I’d have to go commit myself – but I’m better now. No, really. 😉

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