There’s the creating of things and then there’s the ‘scene’ that results from the creating of things. Both have their virtues and their vices. I am a ‘creating of things’ person – that’s what really thrills me. I have some friends who are more focused on the ‘scene’ end of things.

I realized this today when I was browsing through weblogs and links. For instance, I like reading people’s first hand experiences with creating food, meals, and recipes. And I followed a link to a food site that covered the whole ‘scene’ but didn’t really focus on the creative process itself, and got really bored, really fast. I guess that’s why I’d rather play with art (and metaphysics, etc.) than go to a ‘gallery opening’ which is more about the scene. But I’m still glad its there and people are enjoying it all the same. Variety being the spice of life and all that. 🙂

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