Today’s topic: I love pens. It’s not a rational “aren’t they useful” kind of love, it’s a full out “I could just look at them and be happy” kind of love. I have a large shoebox FULL of pens – most of which still write – collected from various and sundry activities over the past tenish years or so – trade shows, free giveaways, gifts, novelty, purchased in stores, you name it.

My favorite ‘cheap’ pen is the $.89/dozen PaperMates – not because they DON’T smear, because they do, but because of the bright color and flowing ink – no skipping. I also don’t discriminate against roller balls and other kinds of tips. Actually, I have this disposable fountain pen that has been around for years and still writes, but they seem to have gone out of favor because I can’t find any (disposable) anymore. I also have a lot of expensive pens – cross pens look so cool, but are somewhat difficult to write with if your hand gets warm as your grip slips down the silver metal. A good friend gave me a refillable parker fountain pen which is fantastic, and matte black for better holding.

I tend to lay claim to any pen in the house, unless it doesn’t have a cap (and it’s supposed to – clickable pens don’t count.) All pens without caps are immediately “John’s” – LOL. He wanted a pen all of his own that he liked and he came home one day with this huge plastic, shiny silver pen that was in the shape of an alien, head plus body. It’s a little top-heavy, but I’ll never EVER confuse it or want to subtly obscond with it myself – John chose wisely.

When I was growing up, the pens mom kept in an old flowerpot I had decorated in 4-H in the kitchen slowly but surely migrated “on their own” into my room. Periodically, mom would come upstairs, regather them, and herd them back into the flower pot, and the whole cycle would start over again. *grin*

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