I just heard that Disney’s making a cheery makeover of the tragic opera ‘Aida’… and ONE of the things I wonder is… will they ever bother to write anything ORIGINAL again or is that beyond them at this point? Or is it too much of a financial ‘risk’ in their eyes. Also makes me get all excited about when they decide to redo Hamlet – HA HA HA. “When people think of Disney, they think of Main Street in Disneyland, and there’s a lot more to it than that,” says Schumacher, who also runs the company’s feature animation division. – I DON’T think of main street in Disneyland – I’ve never even BEEN to Disneyland. I USED to think of the Apple Dumpling Gang, and Escape from Witch Mountain, and Herbie the Love Bug, and Peter Pan and Tinkerbell and that they were on every Sunday (was it?) night. What I think of NOW is Atlantis, and I shudder every time. You know, on second thought – never mind – I just don’t really care.

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