Do you remember any specific moment where you went from the openness of a child who accepts everything in their reality as normal, to a person that uses conscious (critical?) thinking skills? I don’t remember a moment myself, but I have distinct memories of being both of these kinds of people. Mostly I remember movies before and after – before I’d just enjoy them as presented, and in the other they bring up questions about it, which was also fun in its own way.

I guess that’s one of the opportunities present when we incarnate into physical reality – that razor focus. I know that when I’m dreaming I certainly don’t look at things the same way I do when I’m awake in physical reality. But I’m also getting better at being able to access BOTH of these kinds of awarenesses (what a word) at will. I think that often, as adults, we are ‘encouraged’ to leave that child-focus behind, instead of learning to integrate them both as tools of sorts. People have a tremendous ability to be flexible with their consciousnesses (another interesting plural – LOL) – we should take advantage of that.

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