I seem to be at another transition point in my life and I remember two dreams from last night that express that well. First, I was out in a diner with friends (that kept shifting around too, and who I was with) and my teeth kept coming out. (Don’t you hate those dreams? LOL) After a little while I had a whole handful of them and was still trying to act casual and not draw attention. As I was doing this, I realized that they all looked like baby teeth – like large white kernels of corn – instead of adult teeth. And THEN I realized that I already had a new set of teeth quickly coming in – already evident, as I felt around with my tongue. (teeth often symbolize ‘beliefs’ in my dreams)

The next dream I remember just the flavor of, but I was Kristen Johnston (who plays Sally on Third Rock from the Sun – and of course, we have the same first name – no, not SALLY – LOL) and there was this large party because she was leaving the show – she was happy to be moving on but also a little sad and saying goodbye to everyone. Certainly sounds relevant! In any case – bring it on, baby – I’m ready for that transition!

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