Been knee-deep in researching Linux this morning. Finding out what it takes to run it, what applications are available or in development, what people like and don’t like about it, reviews, dual boots, etc. I used a little Unix in college and so it’s not completely foreign to me, at least some of the command line stuff. Along the way I was reminded that I used to really like WordPerfect (used it to write technical manuals even back when it was only DOS – right now we only have Word on our computer – default) and that I’ve heard excellent things about WP10 – the whole Corel Office Suite, in fact. I’m all over the board at the moment, but you gotta start somewhere. Linux seems to have a steeper learning curve than Windows, but I think you can also get more specific with how you want it to run for you. Anyway – back to my research and a Linux 101 tutorial – LOL.

Oh, before I go, here’s an interesting editorial (from a Linux person *grin*) about the recent Microsoft breakup rulings and how it relates to Linux and the current situation with the open source movement.

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