Yesterday while I was driving, a Hollister DJ had found the USGS earthquake site and announced that our area had had some more earthquakes – she was freaking out about it and at the time I thought it was because she’d just found the site and had never heard of all the little quakes that go on around faults all the time – 1.0 stuff, even though there HAD been a few larger ones too. But… I just checked the full list on that site and our area (the ones at Tres Pinos and Hollister) has had, no kidding, *55 EARTHQUAKES* in the last 3 days alone (including today – 10 small ones already this morning) – at least *9* have been above a 3.0! That’s REALLY unusual, BTW – we’ve been checking the site for almost 4 years now and I’ve never seen it like that. Friends and I theorize that earthquakes are a big release of energy, and I have to say I’m glad this energy is getting released in steps instead of all at once! (I’m also intrigued by the potential symbolic significance here – of course, LOL.)

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