There weren’t many in Hollister on Wednesday, but the annual Independence Day Rally in Hollister is going full tilt this weekend – motorcycles EVERYWHERE. Tons of Harleys, Hondas, (among others) and Indian motorcycles too (I think they’re celebrating their 100th year? All last year we’d see new Indians on the highway with the riders wearing bright orange vests proclaiming them to be “test riding”.) I can hear them wroooming by on our road right now. Speaking of our road, Panoche Rd. (Route J-1), we got written up in our local paper for being a part of San Benito County’s ‘great ride’ roads. Although I DO take exception with this comment, “It’s about a 100-mile round-trip to the springs, with dang-near nothing in between but the Panoche Inn, so take water, take food, and take your time for this one.” – hey WE’RE in between! Not that I want hundreds of leather clad “motorcycle enthusiasts” stopping by for lemonade and pound cake or anything. LOL.

In an unrelated note, yesterday a brown cow gave birth to a pure white calf (father is that big white bull, no doubt). It’s like our own version of the White BUFFALO calf mythology – LOL. Anyway, for a while, the mother and calf were right near our gate. She was licking the calf clean and the calf was laying down in the dry grass, head bobbing around with the pressure from each tongue lick. When it saw me it stood up and was all wobbly – I just waved and said hi – heh heh.

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