Looks like the Netscape Browser will soon be going away. (Lots of excellent comments about it in that link.) I don’t know about you, but the more I see things like this happening, the more I want to investigate the Linux platform instead of Windows (particularly with what I’ve heard about XP so far!) I just wish that the applications I’ve grown to love would make Linux/Unix versions – or maybe I’ll just have to learn all new things instead. The future shifts around every second, it seems! 🙂

Of course, there’s always the Opera Browser (“the fastest browser on earth!”) which I use most of the time anyway and really like. It IS fast, and it’s really easy to toggle on or off the loading of images – this comes in particularly handy when you have a slow dial-up connection. (BTW, I don’t really have anything against Internet Explorer – our computer just has some messed up DLL files and so we can’t run it. What DOES freak me out a bit is the idea that Microsoft will someday merge with AOLTIMEWARNER, and, in the words of my partner John, “create a corporation that’s larger than the Roman Catholic Church.” *grin*) CHOICES=GOOD. GOOD CHOICES=BETTER. LOL.

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