Hydrochloric acid RULES! *grin* Living way out in the country, we have well water which is really high in mineral content. As a result, hard water (lime, calcium, rust) stains settle on our porcelin, particularly in the toilet where water just SITS a lot. (More like healthy DEPOSITS than mere stains) So I went to Home Depot and found this super deluxe toilet cleaner (FATAL if swallowed, will dissolve your eyeballs in seconds, etc. 😉 ) and went to work. After about an hour of dousing and scrubbing and stepping outside to breathe, the toilet is almost clean AND it’s now flushing properly again – the deposits on the side had actually slowed down the flow of water so that, well, it wasn’t flushing very powerfully at all.

That was all the day before yesterday. Yesterday, I tried to clean the bathroom sink with the same stuff, but it was foaming too much and not draining well. So I just CHIPPED the damn deposits off using the curved handle of an old pair of scissors. And then I used Draino on the drain so that would work again. Yes, it’s toxic chemical week at our house *grin* and I even had some slight reddish skin irritation from the fumes as proof. Ahhh, what fun. And today? Today’s episode will most likely involve the tub in some way – heh heh. Then we’re going to research a “mineral deposit repulsing” spell to enchant the entire plumbing system.

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