Did you ever have a day when you felt REALLY disconnected from the so-called “mass reality” out there? Well, yesterday was stupid headlines day, and yet the only reason I can think of why I “attracted” them was just to see how much I didn’t line up with them. For instance, a public school puts out a respectful newspaper about gay/lesbian issues to open discussions and a Christian minister protests saying that it goes against his Christian values. Well, duh, LOTS of things do, and I don’t remember anyone needing to ask him permission to print anything! (This falls in the, “Why are they surprised to learn the whole country doesn’t agree with them or pray the same way?” category.) Another instance… people trying to get things that could be ‘obscene’ (porn, satanic cult information, info about illicit drugs, etc.) banned from LIBRARIES. (First Amendment anyone? And yes, I AM thinking of the children – LOL) Editing Bugs Bunny cartoons from years and years ago to get rid of references that might be offensive. (Come ON! Get a life!) More and more states are legalizing medical marijuana use while the feds still insist there’s a war against drugs and won’t. (That’s working SO well – just get over it and stop wasting tax money on it.) Going over the Narnia books by C.S. Lewis to remove any overt Christian references in it so that it will appeal to a wide audience. (I never noticed they were “Christian” as much as fantasy. Besides, C.S. Lewis WAS Christian. Marketing is the spawn of satan.) Okay – I think I’m done for the moment, as I don’t really want to spend any more of my time thinking about these things instead of freedom of speech, diversity, appreciating history AS IT IS without worry about making it politically correct, and about being really creative instead of remaking old stuff all the time to make money.

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