John has to work on Thursday (cook in a hospital) so we’re having our Thanksgiving celebration on Friday. And this is humorously confusing me – because when we’re eating Turkey, I have to remember that others are eating leftover turkey sandwiches and going shopping (or refusing to), and that tomorrow is just another day for me (can’t really expect to go shopping instead – everything will be closed), while others are busy with their own celebrations. Speaking of dates, John’s birthday is on the Winter Solstice, which is also pagan new year (in Europe, I think? Not quite positive here) and also where christians tried to put Jesus’ birthday except for a glitch in the calendar matrix which then made it land on the 25th (well, that’s ONE version I’ve heard.) *deeeeeeep breath from run-on sentence*

Okay, in really trivial trivia, ten points for everyone that knows what a YULE LOG is. heh heh.

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