Had another symbolic dream last night. I was in the house I basically grew up in, but we were moving it. It was in the cargo area of a large plane, and we were on a 10 hour (“long”) flight. But then we were getting near the end of the trip, and I was in the house to make sure nothing happened during landing. The landing was typical, and some things jostled around on the shelves in the house, but it was all fine. I knew then that we were moving the house to sit on a new foundation. To me, this means transferring my life to a new set of beliefs, much like the “new teeth” dream previously. In some ways, it could also specifically refer to beliefs about my body, since it was the “house” I live in, and because over the last few days I’ve been, basically, choosing new beliefs and coming to new conclusions about who *I* am and what I want my body to express about that. Very cool.

For instance, the other day I was looking in the mirror, trying to picture myself much more slender, without this extra weight I’ve carried most of my life, and I couldn’t do it. I associated “me” too much with being large! And when I pictured a thinner body, my mind always went to who OTHER people would assume I was, particularly since in a thinner body I would look more like a societal “norm”. So I stopped right then, and started to create my OWN ideas of who *I* would be while expressing myself in a more slender body – started created an imaginative bridge to this new self. Suddenly I COULD picture the person I knew as “me” being in a slender body -cool!!

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