Holiday Advice – If you’re going to drink a lot today, pay attention to where you go, and for god’s sake, go BEFORE you leave the house. *grin* – “Two drunken Germans, apparently looking for a toilet during a conference at Frankfurt airport, got on a plane by mistake and flew to Moscow. The 20-year-old men were wandering round the airport when they found themselves on the tarmac and boarded a shuttle bus which drove to an aircraft bound for the Russian capital. “They got in and sat in the back of the airplane which then flew to Moscow,” said Frankfurt state prosecutor Job Tilmann. ”They weren’t even at the airport to fly anywhere. They were at a conference and had been walking around, evidently in a drunken stupor,” he told Reuters on Wednesday. On arrival in Moscow, they noticed it was cold and realized they had no passports, let alone entry visas. Russian police put them on a flight back to Frankfurt where they were met by Federal Border Police who have charged them with joyriding. Bild newspaper said the men had been looking for a toilet at the airport. “That may be so,” said Tilmann.”

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