I love this one – a haunted M&M factory! “My dad worked in an M&M factory around 1990. He loved working there because he could eat all the M & M’s he could eat. He told me that there were a couple of times he felt kind of weird, like there was a ghostly presence but ignored it. But one day something happened he couldn’t ignore. He was filling some tubes with M & M’s (You know the kind you get around christmas and it has an M &M figure on top of it) then he turns around and he sees these boxes slowly moving and all of a sudden they fell on two girls, but they didn’t get hurt. Then he was on some kind of lift working the machinery and all of a sudden he felt that ghostly presence again. He turned around and he saw a ghost of a woman who was dressed like she came from the 1920’s. Big hat and flowery dress. He only saw her for 15 seconds but it’s something he would never forget.” (from Shadowlands)

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