I thought, ‘I wonder if there are any ghost stories out there related to birthdays,’ and right off I find this one, which is close enough and rather cool, despite the somewhat tenuous birthday connection – *grin*: “This story has to do with multiple ghost sightings. Well, we start off on my birthday. Approx. nine whitnesses observed bobbing heads poking in and out from the side of my shed (under construction at the time). They were white glowing faces, almost with robes over their head. Two of us went back to investigate but found nothing. About one hour after the sighting, approx. four of us whitnessed multiple glowing spheres behind a tree nearby. Two of us are police officers, so we engaged the objects with our sidearms. Might I ad, this is a fairly dangerous area. The objects slowly dissapated and we found no evidence of any paranormal activity. The nine of us joined to go inside when we all whitnessed a glowing figure approx. fifteen meters down the back street(alley way). Again we engaged the being and instructed it to get down on the ground. At this time, the being quickly turned around and dissapeared.” (from Shadowlands) Sounds kinda like the beings wanted the guy to lighten up and have a happy birthday – heh heh.

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