Saw this link via ye olde referrer log and read her terrific story of evil green eyes. (Cool blog too, BTW!) Anyway – oddly enough, when I was looking up today’s ghost stories, I passed by one called “green eyes” that I noted for some reason. So I’ll go back there and see if I can find it again for ya. 🙂 I found it! Here’s a clip: “My story starts when I was five or six, and it involves me and my older brother. We have two older brothers but this story only involved us to an extent. Here goes…. My older brother, Norman, was asked to take the scraps out one night after supper. It was a normal routine for each of us, but on that night, it would change his life forever. He walked outside to empty the scraps, and that’s when this whole thing began… When he got to the spot where we dump the scraps, he noticed a pair of green eyes. He didn’t pay much attention, considering that we did have dogs and cats, so he continued. After he was done, they were still there, but this time, they were looking up at him with a squint to them. He started calling all of the dogs and cats names, and none of them responded, and that really took him by surprise, especially with it being time for them to eat. He noticed that the eyes was all he could see, and he got scared at that point. As he took a closer look, this thing smiled at him, and at that point, he threw the pot at it and ran back into the house to tell us what had happened. We all laughed and went about our business, but I could tell that he was telling the truth. That was the first, but still not the last of Green Eyes.” It’s a really long story, (and rather scary – more weird stuff happens to them) but to read the whole thing, click here.

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