Lots of fun stories here – here’s one as a teaser: “I was helping my mother sweep up the kitchen floor after dinner one evening. While I was sweeping in one corner, my mother opened the refrigerator door to put something away and the action sent a tomato that was on top of the refrigerator rolling off the edge. We saw it fall off, but somehow could not see where it rolled after “landing”. We pulled the fridge away from the wall and even looked under it. No tomato! We looked all around the room and no tomato! We gave up, perplexed. I began to sweep again, and looked at the refrigerator area just in time to see the tomato reappear out of thin air six inches in front of the top of the fridge and fall to the floor. Mom didn’t see the materialization, but she heard it hit the ground. We were more perplexed than ever…the tomato had been borrowed and returned.” Reminds me of Tom’s olive tree story – shall you tell it or shall I? *grin*

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