I’ll tell the story…

One morning about 3 years ago I noticed something funny about the olive trees that screened our yard from the street. There had been three trees there, I’d climbed in all of them, but now there were only two. I thought I was seeing things so I went outside to check up close. The middle tree was gone and the branches of the two end trees had extended to fill the gap. There was no hole in the ground or any sign that there had ever been three trees. At that point I though I must have remembered it wrong. To test if it was just me I asked everyone in the house (individually) how many trees we had out front without telling them anything first. We had friends, Kristen actually *grin* over at the time, and out of the 8 I asked I got 6 “three”‘s and 2 “at least three”‘s. Then I told them that there were only two, everyone had to go check.

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