From Blue Moon News: “In December of 1974, the people of Liaoning province in Northwest China began to notice that the animal kingdom was behaving a bit…odd. Geese refused to nest, and pigs would not eat. Snakes awoke from hibernation, to go gliding off across the snow, and froze to death. Rats roamed the streets, even allowing people to pick them up, and the normally docile cattle were not only fighting with each other, but they were also trying to dig into the ground with their hooves. Most people would have just thought the animals were going loopy, but China has been monitoring animal behavior as a way to forecast Earth changes for thousands of years. Four years before the animals started their abnormal behavior, the Chinese government had been studying the likelihood of an earthquake occurring in the region, and in 1973 announced that an earthquake was imminent. They trained the local people to watch for signs in the animal kingdom for any unusual behavior that might be a warning. From mid-December 1974, the animals started acting completely out of character, and started with the creatures in the wild. In February, even the domestic animals started acting very weird. Their behavior, along with the mini tremors resulted in the Chinese government to order the evacuation of the city of Haicheng. On that day, the earthquake hit. But even though it demolished most of the city, almost all of the 500,000 people were safe, because they had listened to the animals when they told them what was coming…” (Visit James Berkland‘s site (under construction) for more info on predicting earthquakes.)

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