I detect an animal theme! *grin* Yesterday at dusk, I looked out a window and saw a small form – a coyote (they have such BIG ears!) jogging just outside our fence. It stopped, then jogged alongside the fence for a bit. Stopped at a tree and looked up, jogged away, and then back again, and then finally jogged off. I’ve never had such a good look before – I wonder what he was looking for? Squirrel or bird casserole? And earlier yesterday, I went outside after hearing a lot of noise, and those two bulls were headbutting each other and trying to push each other out of the way as they both went after this one cow. It was FASCINATING – not something seen in the suburbs a lot. John’s theory is that bull’s don’t have the same kind of “nerves” in their testicles as human males do, and I’d have to agree. First of all, they hang down about a FOOT below the body, and when the bulls trot, they swing all over the place, bouncing like crazy. I put this in my “never really had a question about, but now, for some weird reason, I KNOW” category. LOL. Perhaps it’s just something to talk about at the next formal dinner I get invited to. (ending a sentence with a preposition and proud of it – LOL).

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