I live on a 60 acre piece of land which is mostly comprised of a large hill that is in the center of our town. There have always been more animals here than anywhere else in the immediate area, but over the last few days it’s gotten almost ridiculous. There are bobcats that run around in broad daylight, deer are grazing on the yard all the time, bats and birds abound, coyotes fill the nights with their howls, rabbits and wild turkeys scuttle off when you walk down the driveway, and raccoons are practically pushing each other out of the trees. I guess it would not be so surprising if I actually lived in the country, but this is in a town just a few miles outside of San Jose, California. The extreme increase in the last two days is probably because of the full moon, but even taking that into account there are still far more animals around than there were when I moved in (1.5 yrs ago).

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