Ever snake a septic system? I have that on my list today – yes, I know, I really know how to live it up. *grin* (I’m sure there’s a lot of deep metaphysical meaning there, but mostly I just want the tub to drain better.) And yes, interesting topics for a metaphysical type blog, first bull testicles, now septic snaking – ROFLMAO. (There’s a septic joke about being “deep” here somewhere, I’m almost sure of it.) Well, off I go – if I don’t fall in, you’ll probably see another entry later today. If I DO fall in, it won’t be until tomorrow. (Kidding – actually, I don’t have to uncover the septic tank at all, luckily – brings a whole new meaning to ‘dealing with your own shit’.) Okay – I’m DONE NOW… PROMISE!!!! *evil grin*

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